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This amazing all-natural product was designed for after sun relief and aids in skin-recovery from sun damage and tanning bed usage. If sunburn occurs, the damage to your skin has already taken place. This treatment for sunburn focuses on reducing pain and inflammation, preventing infection and speeding recovery. Jamaican Ice also helps prevent blistering, redness, peeling and aids at a cellular level to help prevent premature aging associated with over sunning. It prevents sun-baked bacteria from congesting pores, allowing the pores to breathe while restoring the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It is safe for use on children and helps relieve irritation on the most sensitive skin. May be applied as often as needed. Jamaican Ice is a soothing all-over body spray that can be used year round.


Everyone who tans is familiar with the distinctive scent that lingers on the body known as After Tanning Odor, or ATO. Despite urban legend, this scent is not the smell of the internal organs being baked, but that of the natural bacteria which lives on the skin. The heat from the tanning bed encourages the bacteria to grow, causing “the smell” (ATO). Like all bacterial odors, it can be eliminated.

Jamaican Ice is the answer to neutralizing bacterial growth from tanning and eliminating ATO. Many clients of tanning beds are often very busy and drop in when they have the time, ie lunch breaks, on their way to, or from the office/appointments etc. Jamaican Ice quickly eliminates the odor created and the toxins that have been excreted during tanning allowing them to carry on with their day, free of ATO and the discomfort of wearing their clothes over excreted body toxins. Jamaican Ice is a multi-use spray that can be used year round for indoor and outdoor tanning.

Apply lightly on skin, let dry. After shower apply again. Jamaican Ice may be applied as often as needed to help and aid in the relief of sunburn discomfort. May also be used in the relief of other minor burns.

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