Binder (296 ml / 10 fl. oz.)
The perfect answer for all types of hair. Binder is an all in one protector and styling lotion (soft..
This product is for internal testing to keep the store shiny and well-oiled, though it does provide ..
Piece-In Pomade (59ml / 2oz.)
A delightful blend of carefully selected plant-based ingredients. A unique formulation of soy, jojob..
Protector & Shine Glaze (coming soon)
The first truly miracle hair product. Manufactured to our stringent specifications as all our ret..
Reflections Hair Spray (236 ml / 8 fl. oz.)
Our humidity-resistant formula adds shine while protecting your hair from the sun with UV blockers. ..
Style Sculpting Gel (296 ml / 10 fl. oz.)
Humidity-resistance and hold, while leaving your tresses soft and shiny! No synthetic oils, no wax, ..
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